care for your friend

veterinary clinic
of palm harbor

Call toaday to schedule an appointment for your pet.

care for your friend

veterinary clinic
of palm harbor

Call toaday to schedule an appointment for your pet.

tel: 0800 1800 1234

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We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. Request an appointment today! If it is an emergency, please call us.


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wo we are

Full-service animal
veterinary hospital

The facility includes a fully-stocked pharmacy, surgery suite, in-house x-ray,

what we do

We are proud to offer a wide-variety of top quality preventative care services such as Vaccinations, Nail Trims, Heartworm Prevention, Fecal Parasite Screens, Puppy and Kitten Packages.



An online form so we can gather some basic information before you arrive. We strive to be environmentally conscious by reducing our use of paper products. All medical records are maintained electronically.


Get your pet’s medication right to your home. The most convenient way to have your pet medications, prescription food and many other items delivered safely and securely from us to your door.


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Request appointments, get reminders, and have all of your pet’s information in one location. Download the app to your iPhone or Android phone.

Pet Grooming

If you’re looking for options when it comes to grooming your pet, why not come to us for your pet’s next bath, nail trim, or haircut? We offer a convenient solution by maintaining a grooming facility.

Veterinary Care

Our commitment is to provide quality veterinary care throughout the life of your pet. Click here to learn more about our variety of medical services.


In the event of an emergency during our normal office hours, we ask that you call ahead if possible and proceed directly to our clinic. Click here for additional information.

House calls

Our Veterinary Clinic actually began as an at-home concierge service. We still understand there are times when our animal friends can’t visit us for care. Perhaps it’s veterinary visit anxiety that stops them in their tracks.

true friend

save a life
adopt a pet

Call toaday to schedule an appointment for your pet.


Whichever specific health issue you’re currently facing, we’ll be more than glad to give you a pre-appointment, free consultation on it!